For too long supply leaders have sought to create value by controlling outcomes and enforcing compliance to get results. But control never leads to influence, so taking control costs lasting influence. If we want to build stronger and healthier business relationships that last longer and create more value with less effort, we must be willing to try some uncommon things to get uncommon results.

It turns out that getting everyone aligned and motivated toward a vision through influence is not only more effective, but in the long run also more efficient. Influence has to be earned beforehand, but control has to be enforced afterward. Control is often faster and easier, but influence usually gets better results.

The key to influence is trust, and the key to trust is relationship. Relationships require margin to grow, but they yield a lifetime of value. Sacrificing lasting value to get instant results is a short-sighted way of operating that creates more problems than it solves.

It’s time we discover together how to operate differently, for influence.